Why do you choose NetDry dry cabinet?
NetDry dry cabinet adopts USA “HONEYWELL” temperature and humidity sensor, with microcomputer digital display, long service life. Humidity display value is 1-99% RH;temperature display value 1℃~99℃. it can choose to set warning light tower lamp and buzzer alarm (can set upper and lower limits) start, and can do time delay.

Moisture-proof dry cabinet can also connect for RS232 computer connection port,it can read temperature and humidity records for a long time, monitor or control environmental changes and make good improvement.
The moisture-proof dry cabinet can be upgraded and installed with nitrogen supply device to automatically control the nitrogen flow rate and set the ideal humidity value so as to achieve the good effect of saving energy and controlling humidity.
And moisture-proof dry cabinet is real green design, will not produce any pollution, and control temperature and humidity through energy saving way. Examples: ultra-low humidity electronic moisture-proof cabinet, electronic moisture-proof cabinet, nitrogen cabinet….
Our customers: Foxconn, Asustek Computer, PowerVision Optoelectronics,Qimei Electronics, TIGA Technology, Jingyuan Electronics, Efftronics, Star-Quest Electronics…..

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