What is the difference between a nitrogen-filled oven and an anaerobic oven:

I. Nitrogen-filled oven (drying oven)

1. Generally, the requirements for an anaerobic environment are not strict

2.The plate and welding process of nitrogen-filled oven is simple and economical.

3.The nitrogen-filled oven is cheaper than the anaerobic oven.

4.The sealing of nitrogen-filled oven is not fully sealed, the process and cost limit its sealing, the door adopts single seal, the motor shaft has no seal and no full welding, etc.

II. Anaerobic oven (anaerobic oven)

1.Anaerobic oven, can achieve ≤ oxygen content of 50 ppm, due to its sealing and nitrogen distribution, air duct design, exhaust location design, are through digital-analog simulation design.

2.The oxygen-free oven door is a double-sealing structure, which can achieve the function of fast oxygen reduction and rapid cooling.

3.Adaptable to industrial demand

4.The weight of the anaerobic oven is heavier and the price is higher than that of the nitrogen-filled oven.

NetDry nitrogen-filled oven is used to bake more medicinal materials, while anaerobic oven (anaerobic oven) is used in semiconductor industry and LED、 touch panel industry. Customers can decide which oven to choose according to the product process requirements.