This product is designed according to the requirements of the user and manufactured according to the technical conditions of the JB/T5520-91 drying oven. It is used in scientific research and production units such as aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, military, ship, electronics, communication and so on. It is mainly used for curing BPO glue / PI glue / BCB glue, molding solid baking, IC (wafer, CMOS、Bumping、TSV,MENS,fingerprint identification), high-precision electronic components, electronic ceramic materials, dust-free drying, electrical products, materials, spare parts, etc.

I. Main technical indicators :
1. Operating temperature range: RT-250℃;
Temperature uniformity :≤±2.5℃;
Temperature deviation :±2.5℃;
Temperature fluctuation :1.0℃;
Rising and cooling time :250℃≤60 minutes
Cleanliness : class 100
Note: the above parameters are measured under class 1000000 Dustless Constant Temperature Factory,unload condition.

Oven structure :
1,oven material: the oven shell adopts high quality cold rolled steel plate surface electrostatic spray treatment, the inner chamber adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate
2, the oven body is horizontal structure, the control cabinet and panel are on the left side of the oven body, the studio is located on the right side of the oven body. Can be customized according to user needs.
3. duct: the duct is left and right bottom three duct structure, the airflow is right outlet left return air. A filter is installed at the air outlet. Filter is suitable for ultra-clean oven and other equipment and systems requiring high temperature air purification, temperature resistance up to 400℃. Features: High efficiency, large dust capacity, good high temperature resistance
4, circulating fan and heater installed in the air duct, sensor installed in the air duct return air outlet
5.Gimbal casters fitted to the bottom of  the equipment