Application: Low temperature drying and curing process for moisture and organic solvents in thick film circuit, solar cell sheet, electronic components and other products containing free / crystalline water.

1. High heating efficiency;
2. super lightweight fiber material insulation;
3. convenient tar collection energy conservation and environmental protection

Technical Parameters:
Model Parameter
Max. Temp.(℃): 400℃
Conveyor Width(mm): 300-915
Conveyor Speed(mm/min): 50-300/1000-6000
Temp. Uniformity(℃): ±3-5
Temp. Control Zone: 3-6
Cooling: Forced air/water cooled fin heat transfer
Remark 1:Typical conveyor width:305/500/635/915;
Remark 2:50-300mm/min suits regular products,1000-6000mm/min suits photovoltaic products.

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