Many customers who have purchased the nitrogen cabinets have been in the mistaken belief that the air pipe can be pull down hard,so that it can cause the board to be damaged due to the hard pulling of the air pipe, which leads to the replacement of the penetrating board. Now, the following pictures are provided. Please note:

Nitrogen cabinet is a optiomal choice for the microelectronics,semiconductor for humidity proof and anti-oxidation purpose,Climatest has put much efforts on the R&D of dry cabinets,as you know,our advangtage is to handle temperature and humidity,since early 1990s,our engineers began to test and research dry cabinet and nitrogen cabinet,all of our manufacturing process strictly follow ISO9001 standard,we supply to international customers for 20 years,if you are still looking for a reliable dry cabinet manufacturer to protect your MSD from moisture related damage,come to visit,we are ready!

We  adopt Honeywell humidity sensor,five years free for calibration,you can send mail to for more technical details.