Industrial oven is widely used in industrial production, but what are the classifications of industrial oven? Today Symor will breifly introduce you:

According to the industrial oven performance, it can be divided into hot air circulation industrial oven, program-controlled oven, precision oven, clean oven, vacuum oven, explosion-proof oven, electrothermal blast oven, etc.

Application:Electronic&Semiconductor,Photovoltaic,Plastic Industry,Electroplating industry,Glass,Mechnical industry,and the like.


1.Appearance:Benchtop type and Floor-standing type

2.Temperature range:

1)Low temperature oven: below 100°C, generally used for electrical products aging test, slow drying of materials,food raw materials baking, plastics and other products.

2)Standard temperature oven:100-250°C, this is the common used temperature, most materials moisture baking, coating curing, heating insulation,etc.

3)High temperature oven: 260-400°C, high temperature drying special material, workpiece heating installation, material high temperature test, chemical raw material reaction treatment.,etc.

4)Ultra-high temperature oven: 410-600°C, higher working temperature, workpiece heating treatment, high temperature family special materials, material high temperature test, etc.

3.Hot Air supply: horizontal and vertical

1)Horizontal air supply: suitable for materials that need to be put on the trays. The hot air of the horizontal air supply is blown out by the two sides of the studio so that the materials can be well bathed in the tray, and the baking effect is better. On the contrary, it is not suitable to use vertical air supply, vertical air supply is blown out from top to bottom, it will block the hot air, so that the hot air is hard to reach the lower trays, the baking effect is poor.

2)Vertical air supply: industrial oven is suitable for baking on the grid trays, vertical air supply is blown from top to bottom, used for the grid trays, good circulation, hot air can be completely bathed,materials areplaced on the grid trays can also be horizontal air supply, this depends on the materials chatacteristics.

After reading our introduction, believe you have understood the classification of industrial oven.