Nitrogen cabinet adopts nitrogen injection into the cabinet, in order to achieve dehumidification and oxidation-proof purpose. Nitrogen cabinet is widely used in semiconductor factory, wafer crystal factory and precision component manufacturing factory. It is mainly used for moisture-proof and oxidation-proof protection when precision parts are stored.

In the normal use of nitrogen cabinet, how to evaluate its performance, due to technical limit, users are generally read the humidity of nitrogen cabinet to identify. When evaluating the performance of the nitrogen cabinet, users often encounter the humidity inside cabinet cannot reach setting value.What is the cause of this situation?
The working principle of the nitrogen cabinet is to fill the cabinet with nitrogen, gradually replace the original air in the cabinet, and then achieve an oxygen-free and dry storage environment. If the humidity of the nitrogen cabinet is not up to standard, the moisture-proof and anti-oxidation effect of the items stored in the cabinet will decrease. Nitrogen cabinet humidity can not meet the requirements, that is, the nitrogen concentration in the cabinet can not meet the requirements, for a limited sealed cabinet, its concentration can not reach, that is caused by two reasons: “Air intake” and” Air outlet “:

1)Air outlet represents the seal of the cabinet, it refers to escpate part after filling the nitrogen due to bad sealing,the bigger escape nitrogen, the lower the nitrogen concentration in the cabinet, which can not carry out a good moisture-proof oxidation protection.

2)Air intake air represents the shortage of nitrogen filled in the nitrogen cabinet. During the use of the nitrogen cabinet, because the cabinet door is often switched on and off, the nitrogen emitted is greater than the amount of nitrogen filled in, and the expected nitrogen concentration can not be reached.
The solution is divided into two parts, one is ensure sealing of the cabinet, the other one is increase air intake. And the user should try to avoid the manufacturer to provide sealing problems before the purchase of nitrogen cabinet, intake valve failure products. Choose NetDry, choose rest assured quality.