High temperature oven suits drying/aging/curing many kinds of products or materials,like electrical, instrumentation, components, electronics, electrician, automobile, aviation, communication plastics, machinery, food, chemical, hardware tools, etc.

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What is the cooling method after use high temperature drying oven?

For high temperature oven,generally the used temperature is more than 300 Degree C,after use,if user needs to take out the material, the temperature inside the oven should be reduced to normal temperature before open oven, otherwise it is easy to cause injury to the operator.

How to make high temperature oven reach room temperature fastly? the common method is as follows.

1. add refrigeration compressor,filling in cool air into the oven to achieve rapid cooling effect.

2. add the nitrogen filling device, fill the oven with nitrogen to achieve rapid cooling effect.

Above methods needs high cost,the drying oven itself has a natural cooling process, after the oven stops heating, there will be a natural cooling process, natural cooling is a very slow process, the large heating equipment naturally dropped to room temperature is estimated to take several days, for the purpose of rapid cooling,it needs to be selected by the user according to the actual process.